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The Active Towel - Monterey Gray Bamboo Robe
The Active Towel - Monterey Gray Bamboo RobeOur extremely soft Bamboo/Cotton Monterey Robe wraps you in luxury and warmth as you sip your tea or walk to the spa. This popular robe is the first choice for the home, spa, pool or traveling to your favorite resort. The bamboo is anti-microbial and anti-bacteria and its ultra-soft hand feels good on sensitive skin. After bathing, it soaks up remaining water/moisture on your body. Falls below the knee, has long sleeves, high collar to warm your neck and two convenient pockets.Benefits: Perfect for Men and Women. Falls below the knee with a high collar...
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Ducray Chronic Thinning Hair Regimen for WOMEN
Ducray Chronic Hair Thinning Regimen for WOMENKit Includes: Anaphase+ Shampoo (3.3 oz) Anaphase+ Conditioner (3.3 oz) Neoptide Hair Lotion for Women (3.3 oz) Anacaps Activ+ Supplements (30 capsules)Directions: Take one Anacaps Activ+ capsule in the morning with a glass of water Apply about 12 sprays of Neoptide Hair Lotion, once a day, preferably in the evening, directly over a dry scalp Divide hair into roughly 12 equal sections with the scalp exposed Depress the sprayer once in each area of the exposed scalp; spraying onto the scalp from about 3 inches away across the line of exposed scalp Massage...